art hygiene

In regards to “art hygiene”:

With the safety of my clients and customers in mind, I have compiled a list of practices (old and new) to ensure that your purchase doesn’t arrive with any unintended bonus contaminants.

*Materials are sanitized as possible.
*I work with washed hands.
*I will not work or interact with works or materials when I have any symptoms of a communicable illness.
*Materials and products live in quarantine space for a month before delivery/shipment/sale. (All pre-made items have already been isolated for a month. If something is posted for sale but needs to stay in quarantine for longer, I will include the date that it is available.)
*Packaging for shipping will also be sanitized and isolated until needed.
*When packing items, I will have clean hands/clean gloves and take all other necessary measures to eliminate contact with any possible exposure sources. Exterior of Package will be sanitized if able and remain in isolated area until mailed.

I know we all want to do as much as possible to keep each other healthy; and I want y’all to know what level of safety you can expect from my work and products.
Stay home.  Stay safe. Stay Connected.