Sono Una Fotografia

Buongiorno Ragazzi! I am reviving a series I started in 2004 called “Sono Una Fotografia” (I am a photograph).
It began as a way to combat the body shame that lingered after sexual assaults and has continued through the years as I grow more confident in my skin and comfortable with this body that houses me.
I am sharing it publicly for the first time now, as a recent assault has undone over a decade of work in just a few minutes.
Most of the series will have its home on another platform.
I recognize the series isn’t for everyone. And could be easily mistaken for something else at times. But, I hope that the folks who would appreciate it and maybe benefit from the shared experiences or journey…i hope they’ll find it.

*A quick note on why I’m hosting this project on a paid platform:

I wish I could host all of the content here, on my own website, for free. But realistically, i have to use a platform like Patreon at this time to account for my own safety and (relative) privacy and that of my family.

It’s the only option for me to retain a sense of control over who *can’t* access the series. Because…no abusers allowed.

None of this series is created with the intent to “arouse” anyone, other than maybe myself.

I relinquish control in how someone reacts to it, positive, negative, for jollies. I’ll accept feedback in all areas aside from the jollies. I don’t want or need to hear about that.

and they don’t all have nudity or similar, i just want folks to understand that it will be there.