Became A Spark

When all things were one thing
everything was known by all;
though, nothing was aware.
All was covered lazily in dark obscurity
obfuscating the essence
of be-ing

When all is quietly contained
and each and every has always known whole,
action need never be born.
Movement, communication, growth;
these are things that all things do not need
Action seeks progress,
Progress seeks wholeness,
Wholeness exists and is all.

When all things were together, though,
there was a spark.
There must have been.
because a spark is a thing.
It is, perhaps, the most important thing.
For, one moment,
there became a sort of internal friction
overcoming every thing.
An itch, perhaps, to move;
to be.
and a spark emerged from all.

It moved… jumped, actually,
and broke free from all.
In an instant, the need to move,
the desire to progress,
action seeking wholeness
echoed through all;
an equal and opposite force
brought to be from longing.
The first birth of Thing from every
was also all things’ first loss

From all things,
the spark contains all things
and every bit of othered things contains a spark.
Each contain the knowledge of all
and each understands that it is no longer all

The spark feels like a bang
and movement becomes.
All things move now.
Movement is necessary for progress,
progress seeks wholeness
and each seeks be-ing.

Each contains a spark
because each contains all;
every thing
every place
every person

and I
If we are be-ing,
If we are moving,
If we are progressing;
We are seeking whole
We are aware of the distance between all things
because they are separate.
But we forget
that all is still in each
and each of us contains a spark

we each move to connect.
we move to grow.
we move to be.

all we need is a spark

We can never be.
Each and every can never know
or be known,
as all.
But each and every cannot be,
we cannot know or be known,
without all.

Without a spark
we could never begin to be;
All is useless
when each and every
are not moved.
All was nothing
until moved
by a spark.

Fine Art and Illustration