About Sara Barcus

Photo by: Ramin Samandari

Sara Barcus is an artist and illustrator living in San Antonio, Texas with her two sons.  She has had to step back from making work as she used to due to chronic illness, but continues to find ways to carry on creating.
See work from her last solo show here:
Humanity’s Resilience: A Year of War in Ukraine
…and stay tuned for updates on the soon to be published book and other fundraisers for UNBROKEN Ukraine. 
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Sara draws inspiration from life’s connections, patterns, time, and our fickle humanity.

Her work focuses heavily on the ideas of narrative, humanity, community, identity, and personal, and communal history. It is her hope to create work that connects people to each other by our shared tiny, unspoken, and personal moments, memories, and thoughts.

Current independent projects include:

There is Hope in This World: a mixed media series about the finding and maintaining the balance between reality and frivolity in the modern world.,

Temporal Dichotomy: a mixed media series about time, decay, and growth,

…and is working on finishing up some other book projects like

The Science of You and Me: an illustrated children’s book about physics concepts, He Called Her Mickey (a novelesque story of coping with death and life), and more.

Sara is currently retired from taking commissions for a variety of works including: family portraiture and commissioned paintings, illustrations for children’s books and other print media, cover images for albums and other projects, murals, apparel, and more.

Fine Art and Illustration