Origins of here this might help

*2020 note: I have started a project called “Here, This Might Help” that is intended to get anxiety and trauma coping skills and support to humans globally. It is imperative that we all have access to tools and support to survive the psychological fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic. As my work has always focused heavily on working through trauma and moving forward, a lot of past projects will be incorporated alongside an “illustrated” outline for setting up a solid foundation for healthy coping.

I have always sought to tell the truth with my work. It is my goal to connect with viewers by sharing honest experiences and remaining open with the thoughts and feelings which result from personal struggle and triumph. Through narrative work and thematic series I tell my own personal history as a survivor of sexual assault, dealing with alcoholism and mental health issues, neurodiversity and living with Autism, motherhood, and the patterns that run through the lives of all of us and the world around us.
I believe that the best way for humans to find common ground is to share the parts of our minds which we think others won’t understand. I hope that the vulnerability in my work will make others with similar experiences feel less alone and, for those without those experiences, gain some understanding they didn’t have before.
Some of my most rewarding work has been done with local non-profits. I’m grateful to have worked with AlphaHome (an area rehabilitation center for women) on several projects including a PBS interview, a mural for the Kids Visitation Playroom, and paintings created for fundraisers. I was also blessed to work on several projects with schools in town, including helping 7th and 8th graders plan and create a mural, working with kids on projects emphasizing the concept of recycling materials into art materials, and facilitating art shows for several schools (various age groups) in gallery settings.

Fine Art and Illustration