Getting through

We’re in times of uncertainty and unease; and, confronted with a new reality and the necessity of suddenly changing significant parts of our lives and our selves, we are all individually treading new and rising waters…together. 

I know how these waters feel.  I have experience in *surviving* them.  I have experience in *losing people* to them, too. 

We all feel helpless right now.  Some feel hopeless already.  I feel largely helpless.  But I can do *this*.  I can share my experience so we don’t have to lose more brothers, aunts, friends, coworkers, children to the psycho-social fallout of this global tragedy.  We can work now to minimize the effects of ptsd, anxiety, depression, suicide, substance addiction, stress-related domestic violence, compassion fatigue, and just feeling scared and not knowing what to do. 

So…I’ll be sharing pastpresentfuture projects and (evidence based) coping skills that deal with coping with the above. 

More than that, I hope this page can become a community.  That we can support each other, keep grounded together, and try to extend the calm and the coping outward. 

All it takes is a spark.

For this moment.

Breathe in.

And Out. 

And remember that each of us feels more alone right now and, if we reach out, *so many* people are ready to listen and support each other.

So reach out if you need to. ❤️


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