Moving forward

“Things with wings could be anywhere”…

More things with wings …

How to move forward from here?

This week’s section of Here, This Might Help (and the last section), is a timely one. “Moving Forward; Spread the Calm” focuses on taking the information we have, the tools we have learned for managing the turmoil and keeping perspective, and find a way to work them into our day to day lives. To live. To be.

Ready or not, it seems it is time (here, at least) to find a way to move forward and, perhaps, transform all of this into something better. Matter cannot be created nor destroyed, neither can energy. Neither can this weight on all of us. But, it can be transformed. They all must be transformed; things will change, through acting or an acting upon.

We will be transformed. But we have a choice, today, on how we move forward. None of this will be “over” for some time and things will be changed. Coping with all the small (and large) new realities is going to take time. It will be a process and sometimes it will feel like too much. But, I promise you we can survive this. (I mean, individually, we are mortal and pandemics do cause fatalities.)

We can cope with this.

I know we can. I know you can. When we all have the tools and we know that support *really* is there, we can get through a whole a lot of hells. I know, because I have had to before and I know that we have to now. But none of us is alone. And I’m right here if nobody else is right now.

“Come to the edge”

“No, we’ll fall”

“Come to the edge”

“No we’ll fall”

They came to the edge.

He pushed them, and they flew.


It feels as though we are at that edge. And, all we have left to do is fly.

So…ready or not…

Thanks for sticking with me; i’ll stick with you.

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