The Great Taco War

In 2018, San Antonio celebrated its Tricentennial. One of the city’s celebrations of our history was “Common Currents”; 300 artists were each given a year to represent, as a painting, dance, short film, etc.

I was honored to be asked to join up with a poet and friend of mine, Jason Gossard. He wrote an amazing piece about the heated internet incarnation of a decades old battle of bragging rights to the “Best/Original/Authentic Breakfast Taco. He wanted an illustration to match his work and represent this moment in San Antonio’s history. The battle wasn’t a new one and history was on our side, but the braggadocio was on their’s. An “official” Taco-off was held (they even had home-court advantage), but Austin chefs didn’t even show up to the challenge.

The collaboration showed in March of 2018 at the Mexican Cultural Institute in San Antonio.

I hope you’ll enjoy this piece as much as I did making it.